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CVUSD has brought smoothie bikes into their school gardens. Students are able to pull and wash the fresh fruits and veggies grown in the garden to use as ingredients for their human-powered smoothie bike blender. Students pick their favorite ingredients, pedal the bike, and share their healthy creations with classmates.

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In addition to the smoothie bike blender, the districts now has a new farm to school trailer. The trailer is designed by the Operations Department to travel to any campus to instantly provide students with a farmers’ market experience. The farm to school trailer provides fresh in-season produce for students who live in economically-challenged areas, with little access to fresh fruits and vegetables. The trailer provides produce to everyone on campus (including teachers, parents, and staff) at no cost. 

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This portable farmers market is perfect for events, where you can watch kids bite into a fresh strawberry, ripe peach, or a healthy cucumber. Read all about the creation of the new farm to school trailer in the Mike Johnson Farm to School Hero Spotlight.

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