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Sweetwater Union High School District continues to redefine what Farm to School means. Students, faculty and community members from Southwest High have built a chicken farm, managed by student leaders. The chicken farm houses close to 400 birds, which produce between 10-12 dozen eggs every day, and serves fresh eggs to students all over the district in the cafeteria program. Read all about the Southwest High chicken farm by clicking here.

Likewise, Chula Vista High students turned an empty lot into a thriving garden, which they hope will one day serve food the salad bar program. Read all about the Chula Vista High school garden in the Maria Galleher Farm to School Hero Spotlight.



The goal of SUHSD is to have created a menu that everyone will want to eat. The district continues to build vegetarian and vegan meal options for students, while becoming less reliant on the use of dairy in school meals. The new menu items the district is offering is helping cafeterias break the perception of traditional school lunch.


The district’s vision for their Farm to School efforts is: Through positive and unique educational experiences around food grown on campus and served on site, the SUHSD farm to school program will encourage student leadership, entrepreneurship, responsibility, and healthy living to benefit the entire community.

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